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Discount Flat Fee MLS Services

Ordering Process

Once you have selected the package you want click on the "Buy Now" button at the bottom of the column that contains your choice.

You'll be taken to the "Shopping Cart" page and you'll be offered the option to "Checkout Now" or "Keep Shopping." If you want to order additional items, click on "Keep Shopping." If your package selection that you see in"Service Name" section has all of the items you want you can click on "Checkout Now."

Review the items in "Service Name." and click on Apply to pre-qualify for your next property now and save! to fill out a pre qualification form to get a pre qual letter for your next home purchase. Fill out he "Loan Information,T the center column of the page. There is no fee or obligation for this.

When you have completed the Pre-Qualify form go to the bottom of the page and click on the "Previous Page" button.

You'll be returned to the "Shopping Cart" page.

If you click on "Keep Shopping," you'll be taken to the "Product Page," where you can add items and repeat the process until you have all the items you want.

If you click on "Checkout Now," you' ll be moved to the "Complete the Order" section of the checkout process. Fill out the "Billing Information" and if different the "Property Information." Be sure that all of this information is completed.

Then, fill out the "Web site Listing Information." This information is used to automatically create your web page and your flyer template.

Next, scroll down to the "Financial Information," and complete all those questions.

Then in the "Choose A Password For Our Client Access Area" section, select a password you'll remember when you want to work with your web page or flyer. Your email address will be automatically assigned as your "User Name."

Next is the "Payment Information." Select your card type and then fill out the card number. No spaces or hyphens (-) all together. Finish this section with the expiration date on your credit card.

A check box to show that you have read and understand our terms of usage. You can click on "terms of usage" and read them and then click on the "Previous Page" button at the bottom of that page to return to the "Your shopping Cart" page.

Place your cursor on the "I acc pet the terms of usage.". You'll receive a copy of these terms by email for your records and to sign and fax back to us.

You'll be given options to select your State and your County. Once you do that you'll be presented with an "Input Form" for your local MLS.

Question you can not answer: Fill out all the information requested on the "Input Form," if possible. If you come to a question you do not understand or can not answer just skip it and when we receive your "Input Form" electronically, we'll either provide the correct information for you or contact you to help locate the needed information.

Multiple choice questions: When you see a multiple choice question hold down the control key on a PC or the Cmd key on a Mac and you'll be able to select multiple answers.

Marketing remarks: The amount of characters allowed are defined by the MLS and are noted on the remarks section of the form. If you exceed the number of characters allowed the MLS will truncate the remarks.

The MLS does not allow any contact, web site, email, phone numbers or names in the remarks. They also do not allow any financial information in the remarks section and all remarks must meet HUD guidelines. For that reason we are required to edit those remarks to ensure they meet Equal Housing (HUD) rules.

Input form: When your "Input Form" is complete click on the "Submit" button at the bottom of the page.

You'll be taken to a page that says "Your listing is not complete" The page information will direct you to print out several doucments..Once you print, and fill them out you'll need to fax them to our toll free fax number: 800-303-9478.

If you have any questions while filling out the forms call: 866-663-3995 extension 0 (zero).

Photos: The MLS does require one photo at the time your property is listed. Email your photos to . They need to be in a jpg format and 400 x 300. Each MLS has different size requirements and your photos will be adjusted accordingly.

Listing: Your listing will be activated within one business day from the time we receive your input information and the completed documents. Once activated the MLS listing and photo will become immediately viewable to agents and we'll email you a client copy of the MLS listing for editing and review. You are ultimately responsible for the information in the MLS.

The MLS: The MLS listings are only viewable by licensed agents, who are a member of the MLS. You can not see the MLS unless you have a Real Estate License. You are the contact for showing or information in the MLS, including your phone number and the agents will call you. If they call us we will refer them to you.

Public Web sites: is not the MLS. Your listing will appear on public web sites within 2 to 3 business days from the date it was placed in the MLS. Public web sites will not publish your name or number, no matter who you list with. They will only publish the Brokers name and number. If we receive a call from a public web site we refer them to you and if they will give us their name and number we'll email that to you. Public web sites function independently and present the MLS information and photo in their own format, which may not resemble the MLS format. We can not edit public web sites.

Lockbox and Sign: You'll receive a call from our customer support department to get the address your want the items shipped to and then they will be shipped UPS and normally arrive within 3 to 4 business days. When the items are shipped you'll receive an email with the tracking number.

Email: Most of our communication is done by email. There are two steps you can take to reduce the chance of not receiving our emails:
(1) Add support@discountrealtysolution to your address book, and/or to your safe sender list.
(2) Check junk email and spam folders periodically.

You may want to contact your email host to find out the best way to keep our emails from going into spam or junk mail folders.

Making Changes: Once you are listed on the MLS all changes must come to us by email. We are required to keep a record of transactions on all clients.

When we receive your email request for change we act on it as quickly as possible and always within 24 business hours. You will receive an email that your change has been made. If you do not receive an email within 24 business hours of your request please call us at 866-663-3995 extensions 0 (zero).

We do not charge for changes unless we receive frequent request for changes, in which case we will have to charge $25.00 per change. We have only had to levy charges a few times in over 5000 listings.

Offers: We must be notified of all offers when you accept them. That means any offer including those without agent representation and offers with contingencies, all offers.

Pending status: As soon as you accept an offer, ANY offer we are required by the MLS to report that offer. If it is a contingent offer your property may still remain active with a contingent clause. When your listing is moved to a pending status your listing will not longer appear on the public web sites.

Full service, half the cost: We are licensed brokerage firm and can offer full service including closing assistance, at half the normal cost and discount loans. You will receive email on both of these options. If you have questions call: 866-663-3995 for closing assistance or loans.

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