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Virtual Tour

Virtual tours are made up of a series of photographs that create a 360-degree view or spin of an area, interior or exterior of a home. The photographer uses a tripod and takes 16 or more photographs that are put together. Other tours are comprised of photos from one-shot and two-shots lens that speed up the photography time but often creates a fish bowl effect and loses a bit of quality.

There is no special software required to view most virtual tours online. You simply point the mouse and click. Some tour companies produce images that let the viewer control the viewing process, move the viewing portion up, down or to the left and right. Others move the image for the viewer.

How to Stage a Virtual Tour
Why would you want to include a virtual tour in your home marketing efforts? Better asked, why wouldn't you? Nowadays, buyers don't even look at online listings if they don't include a virtual tour. Did you know that?

How Do Virtual Tours Work?

Virtual tours take you inside the home and give you a 360-degree view. Some are interactive, meaning you click the mouse and it takes you to the ceiling, the floor, the walls, leaving no inch of the room un viewed. Others are flat-screen views put together to give you a moving image that you watch but do not control.