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Home Warranty Enhances Value

Be Protected While Your Home Is On The Market.

You have a marketing edge. A Home Warranty can help sell your home faster and closer to your asking price. The warranty enhances your home’s value to prospective buyers and helps secure the best possible price for your home.

You’re also helping prevent post-sales disputes. If an unexpected failure occurs in your home after the sale, the buyer turns to the warranty provider for resolution instead of you.

Home Warranty protection gives you the peace of mind of knowing that your home appliances and mechanical systems are covered should there be any unexpected breakdowns. You can't prevent breakdowns and system failures, but you can reduce the cost and aggravation with a Home Warranty.

Most home warranty companies put themselves in the homeowner's shoes, and take their relationship with you seriously and normally seem to feel a responsibility to do what's right. It's not normally just a one-time sale.

A warranty protects you from the costs of unexpected failures in your home. A good home warranty company provides you with broader coverage, lower deductibles and more comprehensive plans because they want you to be satisfied.

As a seller, you want to avoid any situation that could make or break the on-time closing of your home. Imagine if a major mechanical system such as central heat, central air or your water heater breaks down while your home is on the market. The cost and hassles involved with repairing or replacing these items could be enormous.