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Frequently Asked Question
Here are answers to some questions you may have about Flat Fee MLS Listing or Realty Solution.

Q: Why do I need to list my property in the MLS?

Q: If I list with you, will my property be on the same MLS as the local Realtors® use?

Q: How long does it take after I order for my property to be listed on the MLS?

Q: Will my listing look the same as those paying full listing commission?

Q: What if I list on the MLS, but I sell my property myself without any Realtors® involved?

Q: If I accept an offer brought to me by a Realtor®, do I have to pay that Realtor® a commission?

Q: Will my property be listed on the Internet?

Q: How will I know if my listing appears as I want it to?

Q: Who takes care of the closing process after I accept an offer?

Q: Does my listing go in the real MLS?

Q: What is the MLS?

Q: How long before my property will be listed in the MLS?

Q: How long is my listing on the MLS for?

Q: Who will the agents contact to show my home in the MLS?

Q: Will my name be in

Q: Are there hidden fees or commissions paid to the Listing Realtor for my listing?