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How can a Flat Fee MLS Listing be used to save thousands in commissions?

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What is the Multiple Listing Service (MLS), and how can you save thousands?

The MLS is a database of local properties that are for sale in your area. It is shared by local Realtors®, who pay to be members. The local Realtors® start their day by searching the MLS for available properties to show to their buyers.

The fact is, the majority of Realtors® in your area are paying members of the MLS, and use the MLS database exclusively to locate properties to show their buyers. That almost guarantees that you'll sell your property and save half of the traditional commission in the process.

Since most home buyers use a Realtor® to help them find a property to purchase (a recent Department of Real Estate survey shows 85% of home buyers use a Realtors®), that means thousands of Realtors® will help you sell your property.

That same survey shows that properties listed on the MLS normally receive a higher price than traditional sale by owners. The MLS literally controls the market for property sales because of its hugh Realtors® base.

A recent Department of Real Estate study shows that 85% of all homes sold were listed on the MLS. That leaves 15% for the hundreds of other methods.

The MLS is, without a doubt the most powerful marketing tool available to help you sell your property. And makes that powerful tool available to you..

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